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Life is Eternal

This is for Tejaswi Rao, who inspired me by her blog to start my own. I have only seen your pictures Tejaswi, and read some of your writings. I have met your wonderful mother and very nice brother, who depite their imcomprehensible grief have the courage to laugh and smile and welcome new friends, like me, and tell us all about you. In a few hours spent with them I could feel your spirit, your presence.  Your  “Letter to the Future” is so full of energy and thought that it shakes us out of our torpor and shows us the value of life itself. You moved me so much, you made me start writing, which in years I couldn’t do. I am indebted to you for that.

My only prayer is that your family, that loves you immensely, will go on to become really happy, and find and nurture Tejaswi in many, many other young people. Because life is eternal. And we must all love and respect life, just the the way you did. For your sake.

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The greatest thing in the world – Writing

I find it so hard to write! For months, no for years, I have been wanting to write on a regular basis…put down my thoughts, my insights, my ‘penny drop’ moments…but the more I have wanted to write the less I have been able to. Thats why my dear friend N started this blog for me. Thats why I called it “writeplease” a fervent, almost desperate appeal to myself to start DOiNG  it! But the blog remained lost and forgotten for months. Today I met another wonderful person IHM whose rich blogging experience just blew me away.  She again urged me to dust up my blog.   She assured me would still be existing, when I dumbly said it must be dead and gone. She brought out her Macbook and within seconds found it.

So here I am, few hours later, nervously plugging away. They say if you do something for 21 days it becomes your habit. I determine to write 21 times at least and see if it becomes mine! I wonder if there are others like me who feel this great reistance or inertia or suffer from this perpetual procrastination syndrome towards one of the greatest things in the world – writing?

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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