The greatest thing in the world – Writing

I find it so hard to write! For months, no for years, I have been wanting to write on a regular basis…put down my thoughts, my insights, my ‘penny drop’ moments…but the more I have wanted to write the less I have been able to. Thats why my dear friend N started this blog for me. Thats why I called it “writeplease” a fervent, almost desperate appeal to myself to start DOiNG  it! But the blog remained lost and forgotten for months. Today I met another wonderful person IHM whose rich blogging experience just blew me away.  She again urged me to dust up my blog.   She assured me would still be existing, when I dumbly said it must be dead and gone. She brought out her Macbook and within seconds found it.

So here I am, few hours later, nervously plugging away. They say if you do something for 21 days it becomes your habit. I determine to write 21 times at least and see if it becomes mine! I wonder if there are others like me who feel this great reistance or inertia or suffer from this perpetual procrastination syndrome towards one of the greatest things in the world – writing?

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